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Arthroscopy surgery in India

What is Arthroscopy surgery ?

Arthroscopy (also called arthroscopic surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure on a joint in which an examination and sometimes treatment of damage is performed using an arthroscope, an endoscope that is inserted into the joint through a small incision. Arthroscopic procedures can be performed to evaluate or treat many orthopaedic conditions including torn cartilage (known by doctors as "meniscus"), torn surface (articular) cartilage, ACL reconstruction, and trimming damaged cartilage.


Knee arthroscopy has in many cases replaced the classic arthrotomy that was performed in the past. Today knee arthroscopy is commonly performed for treating meniscus injury, reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and for cartilage microfracturing. Arthroscopy can also be performed just for diagnosing and checking of the knee; however, the latter use has been mainly replaced by magnetic resonance imaging.

  • The recovery depends upon many factors, such as where the tear was located, how severe it was and how good the surgical repair was. It is believed that it takes at least four to six weeks for the labrum to re-attach itself to the scapula bone (shoulder blade), and probably another four to six weeks to get strong.
  • repair of the capsular ligaments (Bankart repair)
  • repair of the biceps long head anchor or SLAP lesion.
  • Surgical treatment of the shoulder due to potential bicep tendonitis or a tear of the labrum otherwise known as a SLAP tear.
  • Arthroscopic surgeries of the knee are done for many reasons, but it is not clear whether it is a more effective for osteoarthritis than more conservative therapies.

    Arthroscopy surgery


    Many invasive spine procedures involve the removal of bone, muscle, and ligaments to access and treat problematic areas. In some cases, thoracic (mid-spine) conditions requires a surgeon to access the problem area through the rib cage, dramatically lengthening recovery time.

    Recovery rates and times vary according to condition severity and the patient's overall health.

    Arthroscopic procedures treat

  • Spinal disc herniation and degenerative discs
  • spinal deformity
  • tumors
  • general spine trauma
  • Transfer of conjoined tendon and distal end of coracoid process to the clavicle
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