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Guidelines for Kidney Transplant

Recipient’s evaluation:

  • In case of Kidney transplant, it is necessary that the blood group of the patient should be compatible with that of the donor, who should be his family member, between the age group of 18 to 65 years. This is mandatory under the country’s human transplant act. The patient and the donor need to undergo certain detailed tests as per the investigation before the transplant takes place. This takes around 7-15 days. Once the donor gets the approval of the authorization committee, the transplant is performed. The embassy of the patient’s country in India then verifies all the documents and certificate proofs of the recipient and the donor’s relationship.
  • Other

  • It is preferable that the donor should a first degree family member with the same or compatible blood group. Other relatives can also be considered but with proper documents and DNA typing to support their relationship.
  • The donor should be mentally and physically fit He/She should be between the age group of 18 and 60 years
  • The donot should not be suffering from chronic diseases such as HIV, Severe Hypertension, Hbs Ag, Diabetes etc.
  • The donor and the attendant should be near relatives.
  • Pre-operative examination

    In most instances, the person will meet with their ophthalmologist for an examination in the weeks or months preceding the surgery. During the exam, the ophthalmologist will examine the eye and diagnose the condition. The doctor will then discuss the condition with the patient, including the different treatment options available. The doctor will also discuss the risks and benefits of the various options.



  • Patient’s stay for more than 10 days and donor’s stay for more than 5 days
  • Few medications such as TPN, gancyclovir, IVIg, plasma expanders, blockers, ATG, IL2 receptors including TPN
  • T In case of complications in biopsy after 9 days, any corrective surgery requiremen.
  • Occurrence of heart disease or Invasive cardiac imaging, if needed before or after surgery
  • If the donor stay’s in a room of a higher category, the room rent would be extra
  • n affidavit from the local government authority stating that the patient and the donor are relatives (mandatory for all Foreign Patients).
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